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Your Hosts... THE HANKS’

We are Christina and Nick Hanks. We’re Americans.


In 1995 we flew our Helio Courier from the United States to Africa.






For years, Nick had dreamed of flying an aircraft to South Africa. In the mid ‘70's he traveled overland the length of Africa and fell in love with the continent. He worked there many years as a correspondent.

Now, twenty years later, he wanted to go back – this time with a wife and in his Helio Courier!

Nick earned his pilots license in the ‘60's working summers at the FBO in Bennington, Vermont (5B5). He put flying on hold for college and years of news reporting, but the flying bug never left him. In 1987 he revalidated his license and bought a Helio Courier.

Nick introduced Chris to the joys of flying and they married in 1992. In January, 1995, Chris earned her private ticket in 29 days. The flight to South Africa took 140 hours over a five-month period. It promised to be the flight of a life time and we were in no rush. We are now based in South Africa. We get back to the States once or twice a year to visit family, friends, go to air shows and volunteer at the Iroquois Indian Museum at Howes Cave, NY. Chris is an anthropologist and helped found the Museum in 1980. Though no longer the Director, she is still very involved with the Museum as a Trustee and Research Associate. We continue to fly extensively throughout southern Africa. Flying there has an added dimension. For us, it’s not just the bush and the animals, the coast, or the uncluttered airspace. It’s all of that. But it’s big sky, big distances, hard to reach places, and people we meet along the way make it truly an exhilarating place to fly. It’s the kind of place that airplanes are made for. We think it’s great and we encourage you to fly it yourself.

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