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Accommodation as specified in the itinerary, or similar, will be provided in hotels, lodges, camps, with TWO persons sharing a twin-bedded room with private bath or shower where available. Rates are based on two people sharing. The applicable rate is charged to each individual. Private bath cannot be guaranteed at all Self-Fly Safari destinations. African Aero Adventures reserves the right to substitute hotels, lodges, or camps when necessary. Service charges and taxes are included for all accommodations. Tipping, and expenditures of a personal nature is extra.


SINGLE ACCOMMODATION: Single accommodation is at an ADDITIONAL cost. Some safari lodges and camps make a policy of imposing an additional charge (often called a "single supplement") when only one person occupies the accommodation. Single supplement charges vary but can be 1.5 x the quoted rate per person per night. This policy can make the price of a Self-Fly Safari for one person, or a party with an odd number of people, higher than the average cost of two people sharing a single room. The same applies to an individual pilot who is flying with an accompanying copilot. It is cost-efficient to take a Self-Fly Safari in pairs.


INFANTS and CHILDREN under 12 are not allowed at some bush camps. Policies vary. Reasons include the danger of wild animals and the tone of the establishment. If you plan to bring children please advise us early in discussions so we can develop a suitable itinerary.


CAMPS, LODGES, and HOTELS: The terms lodge and camp have no standard meaning among safari operators. As you might expect, lodges and bush hotels tend to be of more substantial construction and more likely to have air-conditioning, 220 volts AC power, and telephones. A camp is less likely to offer these amenities. Prices are usually governed by the establishment’s location rather than by any technological provisions. Without exception, accommodations suggested by us offer beds with linens, good to excellent food, flush toilets, and hot and cold running water. Safari destinations are all well-organized, well-maintained, and well-run places. In the tradition of classical African safaris, service remains a hallmark. Clients can expect a comfortable stay in the African bush.


The variety of accommodation available is as follows:



Walk-in British officer tents set on a cement or raised-wooden platform. Canvas sides and roof with screened window and tent flaps, often shaded. Lighted by 12-volt lamps, candles or kerosene lanterns. Small free-standing closet. Private flush toilet, shower, basin, hot and cold running water. Most tented accommodations are really luxury rooms surrounded by canvas.


Solid walls, screens, moored, or anchored. Accessed by canoe or motor launch. Lighted by 12-volt lamps, candles, or kerosene lanterns. Private flush toilet, shower, basin, hot and cold running water.


Some destinations provide guided walking or canoe safaris in which fly camps are set up at the end of the day. Clients taking this option will spend three or four days away from any fixed camp and should expect more rugged conditions. Camps usually will not cater for shorter camping or canoeing expeditions. Clients are encouraged to spend at least one day at the beginning or end of their visit to such a destination at its base camp. If this is of interest, please let us know as early as possible in the planning stage of your Self-Fly Safari. The idea of “camping” under the wing” trips are not presently available. This is due both to the presence of predators in game viewing areas, and the logistic and weight issues associated with camping gear and small aircraft. Storing food without refrigeration in a small aircraft is not a good idea in wilderness areas.


Solid walls and roof. May be round (rondavel), or cabin, or A-frame; set on a foundation, or on a raised platform, or in a tree. Screened windows. Lighted by 12-volt lamps, candles, or kerosene lanterns. Sometimes powered by mainline electricity (220V). Sometimes air-conditioned; sometimes with room or ceiling fans. Private flush toilet, shower, basin, hot and cold running water. Some chalets have air-conditioning and/or ceiling fans. Standards range from simple to luxurious.


A larger establishment with facilities normally expected including private bath or shower, mainline electricity (220V), air conditioning or ceiling fans, telephone, fax, restaurant. Standards range from simple to luxurious. Hotel accommodation is more likely available in cities and towns and rarely available at prime game viewing destinations.


Ground-based crews set up, operate, dismantle, and move private, full tented safari camps at changing locations in the bush, can be arranged. In these instances, the pilot flies to a designated bush strip where he and his passengers are met by guides and escorted to exclusive, fully served camps. After a few days, the entire camp is moved to a new location. Pilot and passengers fly the next leg and again are met at the airstrip and taken to the new location. Interested clients should ask for further information.

GOVERNMENT RESORTS: We use these when no better alternative is available in the area. Meals at restaurants are available at normal eating times. Rooms often have self-catering facilities including a refrigerator, hot plate and wash basin. Some comestibles are available but clients should plan to eat at restaurants since buying, carrying and storing fresh food in a small aircraft presents problems. Usually, area sightseeing arrangements have to be made by you with local tour guides after your arrival at the establishment.

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