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Just a note to say thanks for such a well planned self fly safari.  As with any “first time” there are always reservations about what to expect, especially in a country that one has not previously visited, but your staff has proven to have planned for every contingency.  The trip kit provided prior to our arrival was complete, comprehensive and intuitive.  Each leg was precisely  planned right down to minute detail such as the amount of fuel consumed in liters.  

It was much appreciated to be checked out in the exact aircraft we were to utilize for the trip and to know it was current airworthy. 

Your exuded confidence gave reassurance we were to experience the adventure  of a lifetime.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Dick Flerchinger

So rare it is to have expectations exceeded.  Y’all gave us the “FAR EXCEEDED” trip of a lifetime. Thank you, thank you!

C- Austin, TX

Everything as advertised –

and more! Thanks

B – Colorado

Really speechless – other than amazing, wonderful and lovely! The trip – the two of you.

Would just like to thank you for the efforts & genuine concern/friendship that you have both shown us all on the safari.


An undertaking of this magnitude does not just happen. It is the result of detailed, professional planning and actually caring about your clients and their experiences. I can candidly say that the whole experience to date with Hanks has been exemplary - from the first call with Christine way back in January to today with yourselves covering off every possible scenario and putting our minds at ease for the main part of the trip.


The safari planning kit is one of the most professionally prepared document packages I have come across.  This, coupled with the flight plans you have developed for the flight planning software, has made the preparation phase of the safari extremely hassle free.  The quality of the aircraft - and your flexibility in ensuring the right aircraft is matched to competency/proficiency of the pilot - has made everyone in the group at ease. Again ensuring that the client comes first. Even introducing me to your mechanic was a small thing but showed there was both nothing being left to chance, and that we were all in this together as a 'crew'.


I must personally thank you for the validation flight - demystifying the intricacies of the South African ATC, as well as sharing your experience and tips related to density altitude flying in a calm professional manner. I was particularly impressed with the way you challenged me during the flight, that turned what could simply be done as a perfunctory exercise into an incredible learning experience. Again talking with the rest of the crew, I know that you personalised their validation flights to their individual circumstances rather than a simple 'tick the boxes' exercise.


And all this being done with a positive attitude from yourselves that has made the bonding of complete, diverse strangers into a tight knit group hankering (no pun intended) to get going knowing that the quality of the detailed preparation and planning you have both put in is going to make our lives easier both as pilots and as visitors to your great country.


It is becoming increasingly rare to come across people with the passion and level of care you both display in ensuring the client is the priority.


Looking forward to the next part of the journey.


Gerald S.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work on our Great African trip. We appreciate all the extras you constantly provided along with your continual great attitude.  We’ll never forget.

J& J – Austin, Tx

16 October 1999

Sorry for taking so long to get an email off to you!!

(We) want to thank all of you for putting together such a fantastic trip.

We have organized several trips for the aviation club in the past, so we really appreciate the attention to detail that you gave us on this trip. The whole trip was so much better than we had even anticipated and we had such a good time that we can’t quit talking about it to everyone that we see.

The variety of accommodations and events and the way you had them scheduled kept us in constant anticipation and gave us the feeling that we had actually been on three trips instead of just one.

We will always have fond memories of you and the great people that we met and of South Africa.

We hope you will be able to visit us in Oregon and we look forward to seeing you again soon

TM – Portland, Oregon

October 12, 1999

Some of our group said our trip with you was the best trip they’ve ever had! And it is with profound thanks to you and your impeccable planning that such a statement is possible. You showed us the very best available and we all deeply appreciate your efforts in making it so.

Of superlative note, I got the chance to get a good look at the impressive glass trophy you kindly presented to me. At the presentation at the National Military Museum the opportunity allowed only a cursory look before Chris kindly whisked it away for packing to survive the trip of some 10,000 miles. It made it intact with great appreciation for the superb packing job.

BM – Portland, Or

Jill and I have just had the greatest vacation of our lives! You did an outstanding job of researching the best places, having us prepared for flying and border crossings and adding so much by being with us. We hope you can relax for a few days, put your feet up and enjoy a good bottle of wine. We so appreciate all you have done for us!

B&J – Wisconsin

May 1, 2010

I hope all’s well with you guys. 😊

Just a small gift to say thank you for all your help and friendship.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2011.

JL – Hong Kong

After having dreamed of flying over Africa, this trip was beyond those dreams. Thank you for all your hard work and endless “keeping us in line”. Phillip and I have enjoyed this so much.  Looking forward to another.

M & P – Colorado.

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