NOT A PILOT? We also set up private luxury air charter safaris. These tours, that we refer to as Flying Safaris, are tailored to your schedule and lodge preferences. They are flown by professional pilots using aircraft suitable to the size of your party including Cessna 210, Cessna Caravan, PC-12, Beechcraft KingAir and private jets. Former pilots may want to sit “right seat” in the cockpit to monitor the progress of your travels through southern Africa. Your experiences on the ground will be the same enjoyed by Self-Fly Safari parties. You’ll land at bush strips and experience the excitement of game drives and escorted bush walks. You’ll find luxurious lodges, excellent food and wine, and the gracious hospitality found throughout southern Africa. Hanks Aero Adventures attends to every detail and monitors the progress of your tour. Call or email us to arrange your Flying Safari.