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Victoria Falls is one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders.

The world-renowned landmark offers a wide variety of activities from white water rafting, to shopping, to zip-lines from the cliffs above the Zambezi. Overfly these glorious Falls before landing. On a one-night stopover you will just have time to visit the Falls before returning to the airport and flying to your next destination. Two nights offers many more options, and is recommended. White water rafting generally takes a whole day. (Bungee Jumping, also an option here, takes seconds!) From your hotel you can walk to the edge of the Falls. There are many craft shops to visit. Also, you can bargain directly with artisans on the street. You can canoe on the Zambezi or take a river cruise and have drinks as the sun goes down.

Straddling the mighty Zambezi River, the Falls are called Musi-o-Tunya ("Smoke that Thunders") by the local Kololo people. They are almost twice as deep and wide as Niagara Falls and at peak they flow at 145 million gallons of water a minute.

On the ZAMBIAN side of the river you can stay at the Royal Livingstone Hotel (5-Star) or at its sister accommodation just next door, The Zambezi Sun (3-Star). or


There are other extremely nice lodges on the Zambian side of the river located 30 – 40 minutes drive outside of Livingstone. A vehicle from the lodge will pick you up at Livingstone Airport and drive you there. As they are out of town they are not ideal for a one-night stop. Among them are the River Club , Tongabezi Lodge , and Toke Leya


On the ZIMBABWE side, we recommend the classic Victoria Falls Hotel. Established in 1904, the Hotel has been through plush and lean times from colonial days to the Rhodesian War and Zimbabwean independence in 1980 and the rule of President Robert Mugabe. The Hotel has been refurbished several times and it’s standards for elegance and style are intact today. Another hotel, located in the town of Victoria Falls is the Ilala Lodge.

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