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Why us…

You want somebody looking after you.

Hanks Aero Adventures was founded by Nick and Christina Hanks in 1997. They were the company and over the years, staged hundreds of the highly specialized Self-Fly Safaris® - in which experienced pilots used a small aircraft to fly themselves around southern Africa.


The same skills required for setting up a self-piloted experience are necessary for a private luxury air charter safari. Their credo was "We are experienced in what we do and believe that the “customer comes first”."


Our responsibility to our clients is deeply rooted in our values and upbringing. Since 1997 we have developed an excellent reputation among clients up and down the chain of service providers. We know these people and they know us. Our clients are the beneficiaries. We are adept at creating unforgettable safaris and memories that last a lifetime – whether the adventure of an “Out of Africa” Self-Fly Safari® or a private Luxury Charter.


Understanding what you want: We know the lodges in southern Africa, and we have decades of experience planning and launching trips. We have met prospective clients in person at travel shows and in their homes. We talk at length to determine their interests and expectations in developing an appropriate itinerary.

Practiced in the art: In the beginning, the self-piloted bush flying expeditions in southern Africa that we offered was unheard of among American pilots. We knew it was possible because we had done it ourselves. We had flown a single-engine plane from the United States, trans-Atlantic and down the length of Africa. Excited by the experience and certain that other pilots would enjoy it as well, we presented our plan to governments, airports, aircraft owners and lodges – everyone who factored into the idea. We did our homework and gained their support and encouragement. Chartered aircraft with professional flight crews are require the same skills and expertise for successful outcomes. Twenty-two years later we are at the top of our game.  

With you at every step: We are “hands on” with clients from the earliest stages through the tour itself.  On arrival in South Africa, Hanks Aero Adventures meets them. As the safari unfolds, we are in communication with the party. We monitor progress and take action to solve any problems that may arise. The result is a successful, never-to-be-forgotten experience.

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