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The Original Self-Fly Safari in Southern Africa


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Experience the adventure of an African flying safari on a Self-Fly Safari with . Fly over the Okavango delta, overfly Victoria Falls, fly the coast of Namibia, or fly through South Africa. 
You are the pilot!!

 arranges self-piloted African bush flying expeditions -

The Self-Fly Safari. If you are not a pilot or have lost your medical, we also arange piloted Flying Safaris with a south african instructor and guide

There are two prerequisites for taking a Self-Fly Safari.  First, you want to go on an African wildlife safari.  Second, you are a pilot or like to fly in small aircraft. 


CONSIDER:   to arrange an ordinary safari you would go to your travel agent, look over brochures, determine a schedule, determine what camps to visit, and off you’d go.  Once in southern Africa, you would be transported from camp to camp either by ground transportation or by charter aircraft.   


BUT, YOU ARE A PILOT and this makes all the difference! Instead of being chartered around from camp to camp – you can rent an aircraft and pilot it around your planned itinerary!   You see the animals, stay at first class bush lodges and camps, have an aircraft at your disposal.  You come home with great safari memories -- and the rare experience of flying the African bush!  


 arranges and fixes self-piloted bush expeditions. You can do it individually or as a group of aircraft - with or without an escort. Let us set up your African flying adventure!


Southern Africa has many wonderful places to fly! This kind of terrain - long distances and poor roads - is what airplanes are made for!  It is a big chunk of a big continent.  Buffalo, lion, and elephant wander under your wings.  Dirt airstrips link far-flung towns and camps across the African bush.  A day’s flight, and a dusty drive through herds of antelope, culminates with a sundowner, an excellent dinner, and a cordial evening around a campfire with friends and other travelers from around the world.  As conversation fades the night sounds of the bush come to the fore.  Enjoy restful sleep in the wilds of Africa.  A predawn wake-up call, an early start, and the adventure begins anew!


Photo courtesy of Lyn Freeman

Flying in Africa is challenging, fun, and rewarding.  We know it from personal experience.   It started after Christina and I flew our plane, a Helio Courier, from home in upstate New York, across the Atlantic, through Europe,  and south all the way down Africa.  We got a sense of what Africa had to offer as a place to fly, and what preparations are required.  We spend a lot of hours every year flying in southern Africa.  We have flown many of the routes, landed at all the bush strips we suggest, and inspected the accommodations. 


We recommend it.  Put some dust on your wheels!  You’ll remember why you learned to fly in the first place – adventure, excitement, and freedom!   It’s air, airplanes, and airstrips -- with an edge!  An encounter with a frontier, the unfamiliar, the untamed and unexpected -- a flight to the limits of the infrastructure!


A Self-Fly Safari is an opportunity for you to fly an aircraft in southern Africa.  We make it possible for you to see Africa’s wilderness and animal kingdom and to fly yourself around the route.  You’ll have an aircraft, a tailor-made route, full-flight planning services, a thorough orientation during the first several days, assistance on departure day in dispatching, flight monitoring, and full support while you’re on safari.  You do the flying!


We will broker a locally owned private aircraft that is yours to fly once you’ve had your pilot license validated.  All required insurance is included in the price of the Self-Fly Safari package.  Your Self-Fly Safari is tailored to your interests.   Let  guide you on your African Flying Adventure!


    Photo courtesy of Joe Nepute

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